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Life is too short to
wear boring jewelry.
Who we are
There's something about jewelry that rocks our world. It's an
opportunity. An occasion. And best of all, it's a reason to
open yourself up to possibility. At Rocksbox, we're here to
make accessorizing with jewelry fun again. Whether you
find buying jewelry overwhelming or you're a Jedi jewelry
master, we make sure that you always find the
perfect piece.
Rocksbox Culture
We pride ourselves on our
expert listening skills. And
we meanreallylistening. We
strive to be just as attentive
with each other as we are
with our members.
Scrappy. Driven. A little bit
crazy. We've been called a lot
of things — but that's just
what happens when you have
a grand vision, long-term goals
and the hustle to succeed.
We believe in the possibility of
today. We are driven to make
a positive impact, discover
something new about ourselves
and the world, and make each
and every day count.
Meaghan Rose
Founder & CEO
Meaghan started Rocksbox by lending pieces from her own personal
jewelry collection, and quickly saw a need amongst women to simplify the
jewelry shopping process. Before Rocksbox, Meaghan was a consultant
with McKinsey & Co, and Bain & Co, leading product innovation and social
media strategy for some of the largest consumer and retail brands around
the world. Meaghan holds a BS in Economics from George Mason, an MS in
Economics from Johns Hopkins, and an MBA from the Wharton School.
Our Executive Team
Julie Hill Kimbrell
Director of Product
Allison Vigil
VP of Merchandising
Erin O'Leary
VP of Marketing
Debbie Shen
Director of Operations
Lauren Gregg
Director of Office & People
Mariane Bekker
Engineering Manager
Let's get started — become a Rocksbox member today!
Become a Rocksbox member today!
If you're not into borrowing your grandma's pearls, don't fret - there's a new way to pile on the jewels.

Rocksbox gives you unlimited access to designer and emerging jewelry brands including Kendra Scott, gorjana, House of Harlow 1960 & more.

Get three pieces picked out just for you by a personal jewelry stylist delivered straight to your door. Create your Rocksbox Style Profile now to get started!

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